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1983 Establishment of the company in Lachendorf / Celle

Floor area: 25m², employees: 2

1986 Company headquarters relocation to Hanover

Floor area: 250m², employees: 5

1990 Foundation of the GmbH and extension of the workshops

Floor area: 500m², employees: 8

1996 New building of studios, offices and production halls directly near the A 7, Exit Hannover/Anderten-Hoever Introduction of CNC processing center

Floor area: 1.200m², employees: 15

2004 New building of a storage hall directly opposite the company headquarters

Floor area: 3.200m², employees: 19

2008 Generation and transfer of corporate responsibility to Andree Hoffmann (36), Dipl. Wirt.-ing (FH)

Floor area: 3.200m², employees: 22

2013 Implementation of an ERP system and complete integration of project management in Deskware

Floor area: 3.800m², employees: 26

2015 Hiring an external bearing 2 minutes from the Company Headquarters

Floor area: 4.800m², employees 31